Dream Interpretation


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Dreams are like the start of a conversation with the FatherDream Interpretation Poster

It’s almost like He is giving you the first sentence of a conversation and inviting you to keep talking to Him when you wake up.

In this teaching series we enter the world of mystery and excitement around dreams. What are dreams about? Do we get dreams from God and what about prophetic dreams and how do we understand them?

we have included a bonus session on the theology of angels. The Bible is full of angelic encounters and we are discovering that these heavenly messenger are here for a purpose. We don’t want to worship angels, but we also don’t want to ignore them. Learn more about a Biblical perspective in this teaching.

This teaching series consists of three sessions about Dream Interpretation and one session about the theology of angels.


Caroline Holley                 Phil Wilthew                   Paul Kellett

Caroline Holley Phil Wilthew Paul Kellett





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