Releasing Heaven’s Dreamers


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Genuine reformation always begins with a dream that is birthed in God, through His people.

As William Wilberforce started to dream of the abolition of slavery in the 18th Century Britain, the possibility for culture change had already begun. As Martin Luther King began to dream of racial equality in segregated America, all of heaven celebrated the dawn of hope. The world needs and depends on dreamers.

Bill Johnson says the following: “You are God’s idea, and He long to see the treasure that is in your heart. As we learn to dream with God we become co-laborers with Him.”

At this conference, we explored how we move from the realms of prophetic dreaming, into the realms of apostolic advance. Jesus is calling His Church out of the shadows of estrangement and into the light of engagement. The greatest days of the Church are yet to come as we take our place in serving and transforming culture with the mighty Kingdom of our Father in Heaven! If Reformation always starts with a dream, then God’s prophetic people must awake, arise and speak!

Speakers include:

Phil Wilthew Julian AdamsSimon HolleyAsh Anandani

from left to right:

Phil Wilthew
Julian Adams
Simon Holley
Ash Anandani

6 Sessions

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