The Invitation


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‘The invitation’
God initiates invitation. For salvation, but also to journey with Him. For hope. For healing. For courage. For relationship.  For lifting us up from the dark places. He sees us in our need and before we even speak, He invites us to come with Him.

The series is called ‘The hand of God’.  I really felt prophetically provoked in April 2018 to consider how fathers father their children, and how that relates to God, and what that actually looks like.  I felt that to have God initiate this invitation to be fathered by Him, and to have the touch of His hand on my life, was completely life changing, and altered my own comprehension of being fathered to a greater degree than I have had before.  To think that it is HIS desire to touch my life, is pretty mind-blowing.  To have HIM pursue me so that I can know his safety blows me away.  And to have HIM invite me to walk with Him is really exciting!

Liz started painting prophetically when she did TSM in 2016 when she couldn’t find the words to complete her assignment.  So she painted it!  After this, she began a journey of painting what she felt God speak to her about prophetically. She uses a variety of media for her artwork, and loves to create in worship times.  She has a real desire to see the power of God break through, the Holy Spirit released, and healing come through her pictures.  Ultimately she wants people to encounter the love of the Father through her art.