Worship & Wonder (DVD)


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One of the unique privileges that we have this side of eternity is worship. In fact, worship is one of the few things that we do now that we will still be doing in 1000 years. At King’s Arms we have felt God speaking to us repeatedly that this is to be a season of worship and wonder for the church. God is calling us afresh to enjoy and encounter Him and to learn how to minister to Him. Because of this, we devoted our Heaven Touches Earth conference in 2014 to this theme.

Session 1: Ryan Matthews (49:30)
Session 2: Julian Adams (42:37)
Session 3: Ryan Matthews (1:06:25)
Session 4: Katia Adams (40:15)
Session 5: Ryan Matthews (38:44)
Session 6: Wendy Mann (50:01)

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